Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Life... a part of me...

My life is... art scattered in my room all the time, and ideas in my head, whether I'm doing anything with it or not... the need to use a neti-pot to clear my sinuses... discovering the joy of working out and getting my body in shape... using that working out to burn extra energies, like the frustrations I feel at work because of things I can't go into on here... discovering posture, how it feels to sit and stand tall without slouching... discovering the joys of walking through the difficult things to get to the beautiful things... feeling that bittersweet ache that a "suddenly" friend has (almost just as suddenly!) moved out of state (that's the bitter part) to step into destiny (that's the sweet part!)... diving into inspiration... pursuing inner healing... stepping into a new season, that will be more glorious than the last... coming to know my heart, who She is and thus who I am, and how much God loves Me... apparently an aspiring fitness buff - a good set of trainers, exercise pants, sports bra, and fitness gloves and I feel like I can conquer the world... able to do more than I ever could imagine... pulling out gifts I didn't know I had (who knew I could tie knots in a rope to stabilize furniture on a trailer, AND drive the Suburban with said trailer all over Nashvegas?? Who knew I had mad skills turning cars around in small driveways? Yah, Jesus did! Ha! And I discovered!)... plotting more tattoos - so far I only have one, but I've got five more I know I want :)... setting goals - I'm not cutting my hair short the way I really like it until I reach my goal weight, neither am I going to get one of those five tattoos til I get one of either my four remaining student loans or my car loan paid off (the numbering works perfectly, I'll get one tattoo after each loan is paid)... Pinterest until the cows come home... sketching again... reading books on a Kindle that was gifted to me last weekend... overtime-ing it at work this week/weekend because it's a crazy EOQ.... having crazy dreams almost every night lately, remembering a few, forgetting most, but left with a feeling that my dreams have leveled up a notch and that's weird (in a good way)... and learning, in the midst of all of this, to rest, to surrender, to belong... this is a part of me.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Healthy & Fit & some other ramblings

Lately my breakfasts have consisted of Special K and coffee. Lunch has been anything from pizza to a sandwich & some chips or crackers. Snacks consist of granola bars or pudding or yogurt or fruit. Dinner has been smaller portions of foods, or another bowl of Special K.

I've been exercising almost every day this past week. 100 jumping jacks is a favorite (2 sets of 50), criss cross crunches are getting easier, thus enabling me to do more than just one set of 10 or 15 before collapsing :-p pull ups/chin ups are still hilariously uncoordinated, but I'm getting better :) lunges and squats are helping my thighs and calves tone up and thin down. I was able to do 40 push ups the other night (4 sets of 10), which was a MAJOR accomplishment for me! I'm sure they were lacking in form, but they happened, and that's more than I've been able to do since I was a child.
My church is also hosting a kettleball class that starts on Wednesday and I'm planning on attending that and making that part of my workout routine. Can. Not. Wait. :)

In addition to physical health, I'm doing more creative stuff. Hoping to launch my Etsy site soon as I get more pieces put together. It's such a wonderful thing to take time out to be creative.