Monday, July 2, 2012

Tenderizer and new seasons

I feel like I'm in a season of tenderization. Not the kind where meat is laid out and whacked with a spiked hammer, but the kind where the tenderizing powder is rubbed in, or the meat is soaked, and either way it's left to set and soak in that liquid or that powder that's been massaged into all the fibers... and it gets soft. I feel like my heart is in that place with the Lord. She's being made tender to the things she was previously terribly harsh over. Oh, it's a beautiful thing! I've been longing for this for so long... and He's the master massage therapist for my soul, but He's had to get some of the bigger knots out before this part could soften up. Ooooh, my heart is so thrilled. She's so joyful.

There's so much going on inside of me right now I could hunker down and shake like the little lemmings of video games gone by and pop into colorful lemming confetti. haha! That's how much stirring there is inside! This transition out of one season into a new season... a season of physical training... of rest... of heart healing... I feel like the first half of this year were months of transition, of things just getting in the right place for the next season, like no one season had precedence earlier this year in my life, and it was this mish-mash of prep. But now I'm in another season of prep. But also learning to enjoy the moments. The now moments. The moments where people come in your life to stay, and other people walk out for good. The moments where you wake to a dream that showed you something different in you than who you were the day before. The moments where God moves so tenderly and preciously on your heart that you can't help but worship, whether that means falling on your face, weeping, laughing, jumping, dancing.... The moments where you're being so silly with friends you crack yourself up... haha! Oh, I love it... :)