Saturday, December 17, 2011

Resurrection of the imagination

It just occurred to me that my imagination is dead. Or at the very least, on life support.

Because of things like Photoshop and all those other ways to edit photos and put something together, my mind doesn't receive things as "real" anymore, but with a hint of doubt... "Is that for real? I don't know if that could exist." Aaand, who died and made me an expert on all things that exist? There are some pretty wild things out there, creatures, buildings, movements of the human body, that are beyond my experience, and I have stopped thinking it is possible, and been thinking it is not likely that that's real, but more likely that someone photoshopped an image or it's all CGI in a video.

Dear God, open my eyes and revive my imagination, that these experiences would be real again, that I would believe anything to be possible. Your word says all things are possible through Christ Jesus. This includes the little things, or the things that look crazy amazing that I right now believe are too wild to be real... Make them real to me...

Friday, December 9, 2011

Late night light show...

Last night I rediscovered the joy of static electricity. Socked feet shuffled quickly on the sheet under the covers = instant blue light show! OK, so first I thought somehow I dropped my phone in my bed and the screen was lit up, but I knew my phone was beside my bed. After the confusion subsided, I had fun with my little light show.... and felt like a five year old :)