Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The sky is falling

So a couple of nights ago (Sunday night, to be exact) I had an interesting dream. I believe the meaning is personal, not corporate, but may share some details of the interpretation.

I was driving my car down a highway, and my friend Grace was riding with me. In my center console was something that was like two bottles shaped in a Yin Yang sort of style to fit together. One was black and labeled "Night," the other was silver and labeled "Day". They both absorbed some kind of liquid picked up when the car was running. Grace told me I needed to empty the "Night" bottle, so I picked it up and squeezed the dark, chunky/gunky liquid out the window (still driving! haha!). I was a little worried it might be corrosive if it hit my car, but knew I needed to get it emptied out anyway.

:cut to:
I've exited the car and now I'm walking with a group of people, maybe three or four people, along the highway. Except, I was walking fast (like I do in real life) so I was a little bit ahead of them. Suddenly, a piece of the sky fell. In the moment, I just knew that the sky was falling. Well, the sky looked like concrete and rebar when it hit the ground. It was a little startling, but we kept walking. I could see another portion start to fall and I ran ahead of where it was going to land and it fell behind me, between me and my friends. I laughed and kept going. My friends I think probably thought I was crazy, but we walked on. This happened a few times.

:cut to:
I'm walking into my parents' house with my twin sister. Except it's the house we used to live in when I was a teenager. It was late and my parents were going to bed. Perhaps dad was already asleep since I don't recall seeing him in the dream. My mom was laying in the bed that used to be where I slept. My sister and I were going to share her (my sister's) bed. As we walked in to the bedroom, a bit of sky fell  - boom! - right in the middle of the hallway! I was surprised, and apologized for the damage to the house (as if I have any control of where the sky is going to fall??). Mom said "don't worry about it, but be ready - the reporters are going to want to interview us about it." I think I responded with "ok" and proceeded to get ready for bed - it was late, too late for even the late news to be on. I laid down and then realized I wasn't wearing the pajamas I intended on wearing, so I got up to change. Then my alarm went off...

There you go. Sky falling. I kind of want to go see the new James Bond flick because the name is so similar to the theme of my dream!


part 1
A car typically points to ministry. Night and Day seemed to be referring to light and darkness, and the drastic difference between the two. My friend Grace was, in this dream, a personification of God's grace, His charis. In a different term, it was loving-kindness/favor instructing me to clean out any resemblance of darkness from my ministry/walk with God.

part 2
Friends are the people you have fellowship with. Walking ahead could mean leading, or possibly separated from. My friend Ginny when she read a blip of the dream I'd posted on Facebook said "the constructs of man have fallen and you can enjoy the benefits of an open heaven...." I would tend to agree with her. Over the previous weekend/week I had some experiences that pointed full force toward open heaven/destruction of man-made limits. The destruction of limits wasn't going to destroy me - I was in motion and moving ahead of the destruction of it so it wouldn't hurt me.

part 3
I can't share this portion on here just yet...

So. There you have it. The sky is falling. And I can't wait.
That was a pretty rockin awesome dream, too. Felt like a movie but in reality. Ha! Love it :)